Lets Start a Love Revolution

Show Your Heart January 29, 2016 19:22

Show your HEART! Do you want to make a difference in the life of a forgotten, abused and unseen young woman? At Love People Clothing we deeply believe that love defends the defenseless. Our company mission is to challenge people to wear love and put it into action. We are asking you to join us as we put love into action this February.


We are introducing our playful and fresh new XOXO t-shirt, but that’s only half of the story. The entire month of February we have the opportunity and privilege to donate 30% of our sales earnings to a dynamic non-profit called, The EPIK Project.

These folks are serious about disrupting human sex trafficking right at the source of the problem, interfering with the demand. They are standing in the gap for victims of human trafficking by striving to end this horrible and dark evil in society. Their unique approach is making headway in cities across America. That’s why we choose EPIK for our service project.

(Learn MORE about EPIK here https://www.dropbox.com/l/s/NroUDHlXq8cD58JuzdsAQo)

Won’t you join us in this fight? You can make a difference right now. Grab one of these fun and versatile XOXO t-shirts (or any product online) and show your heart! We are better together! Will you be a part of the LOVE Revolution at LOVE PEOPLE CLOTHING? Show your heart! #showyourheartlpc #lovepeopleclothing