...sometimes change is a good thing September 14, 2017 00:00

We love the Fall. It’s the start of new beginnings, new schools, with new shoes and books/computers and backpacks.   The green life of summer gives way to the orange, gold and red glow of Autumn. Everything feels new. Again. And somehow, the rhythm feels familiar. In a world where change may seem terrifying (hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, friends, families, our minds and decisions)…this change of seasons comes and offers us comfort…and we welcome it. Why?

Some things change. Some things don’t.

At Love People Clothing, we believe that the Author of Love, the One and only thing that will never change, is the One who gives us the love to share. With People. And when we Love People, we are free to embrace the changes, the differences and the challenges. There is beauty in loving others. Maybe it feels like a cool breeze or the warmth of sunshine after the first frost.   Maybe it looks like sharing a pumpkin spice latte  or making s’mores over a bonfire. Maybe it looks like watching football or raking leaves in a big pile and jumping in them. But it is Good. And it’s what we’re called to do.
So first, know you are loved. That will never change.
And then, love people. That is Beautiful.
And it can change you. And me.
And the world.
Love People


If you want to know more about the inspiration for the love we share, consider this:


It just might be the change you are looking for.

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