Brave December 17, 2015 11:07


     Sisterhood…it’s not solely a bond created by the family we are born into but can also be created through faith and friendship. In days of light and hope and joy…in moments of deep pain and struggle…we are there for one another. If distance separates us, it does not rob us of the sweet communion of our hearts and souls. There are, and will be some dark days, when we feel like God is so far away. But it is then, that we can think of our sisters and friends that God has provided in our lives and remember that He came to be with us. He is ~Emmanuel~ and He is near.

        When we lift one another up and we both see Him, that He will never fail us. We will carry each other, with all our hopes, joys, fears and burdens to the Throne of Grace…

It is there, that we give thanks for sisters…

…And together,

WE ARE...Brave

"I am not always with you the way I want to be but I will never leave your side."